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April 16, 2010


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laura vegas

you said you had a lot of stuff on your list ... but i wasn't expecting anything like this. lol! that is a TON of clutter girl! i carry a pretty big purse ... but i hardly keep anything in it. while i'm out and about ... i just literally throw stuff in there. receipts, change, dollar bills ... i shove it in. but as soon as i get home, i clean it ALL out. immediately. i save all my receipts in the kitchen drawer, as soon as i write them in the checkbook.

and the weight thing being related to back problems is so interesting. our school doesn't have lockers for the jr highers. so they have to carry all their books, all day, from class to class and then home. along with tons of notebooks, since the teachers require seperate notebooks for each class. her backpack weighs a good 25 pounds. and she's a tiny thing, at only about 70 pounds. it's crazy.

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